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Category: Arcade/Adventure

Release date: March 15th, 2018

Platforms: Smartphones/Tablets (Google Play Store, App Store)

Price: FREE (contains on-demand ads, in-app purchases)

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese (simplified)

Content Rating: Google Play Store (3+), App Store (9+)

File Size: 43 mb


Social: Facebook , Twitter , instagram



Tap Tap Cows – Cow Land is an arcade/adventure game app for Smartphones and Tablets (Android, IOS). A simple gameplay that converts the game in addictive and fun for everyone and everywhere.

The game contains 201 levels and 25 bonus, dividied en 4 acts. Help Old Cornell, Little Amy and Uncle Farrokh discover what‘s happening in their farms… The clouds went dark and cows started falling from the sky… Save all the cows!




– SIMPLE & ADDICTIVE game. Tap the cows to save them!

– 3 modes! NORMAL, CRAZY and INSANE. Will give you hours and hours of play game.

– Lots of MISSIONS to complete while delving into adventure and… the DAILY QUEST.

– A complete story narrated by the three main characters in a comic style and divided in four acts

– A long adventure lots of play hours, with more than 200 LEVELS and more than 20 ACHIEVEMENTS.

– Help repair and UPGRADE the main characters‘ farms and get more coins and special items.

– Visit Desert Rock’s shop where you will find SPECIAL ITEMS you can use in your adventure…

– Cartoon style graphics.

-4 boss style levels. Be fast!

– Play with friends and get to the TOP of the LEADERBOARD by saving cows…



– Cow Runes: It will save the cows you can’t save.

– Time Potion: When you use it, time slows down for a few seconds.

– Energy Grenade: Use it to save everyone around you.

– Leather Gloves: TNT barrels won’t hurt you.

– Lucky Amulet: You will have a higher probabilty of finding coins.

… and more