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Android devices

 If you use an android device and want to save your progress on cloud, just log in with your Google Play account when game starts or in Settings panel inside game. If you uninstall the game or want to recover the cloud save in other android device, just log in with the same account of your previous cloud save. Automatically game ask if want to recover the data saved.

IOS devices

As in android devices, the game save automatically the data game on cloud if you are logged in Game Center. To recover a past cloud save game (if you previus uninstall the game or want to continue in other device), follow this steps:

  • Activate Game Center in your IOS device (with the user that have been save before)
  • ¬†Open the game, and when game ask to log in Game Center, introduce your user information. (Will apper a message like “Welcome back ~nick user~” on top screen). The game try to load your cloud data. IF NOT:
    • If the game not load your old game, you will start on level 1. Don’t worry, complete it and when you apper on game map, exit from the game totally, and open again.(Sometimes icloud sync process fail)



**** Be sure, the game is totally closed ( no process opened) when you introduce your codes.


If you have a Promo Code for (in- app purchase),: Go to Play Store. Log in with your account, and in panel profile look for “Redeem” option. It appears a box to introduce the code you have received. Next time you open the game, from game map, go to coin purchases (top-right at screen) and wait. App restore your promo purchase.



The same way as android, Go to App Store home, and at the end of page look “Redeem”. App store will ask you insert your password or log info. Once logged App store ask you the promo code, if its correct, its show you a confirmation message. Next time you open the game, you should be view added the content of promo code.